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Diamond Guarantee

Diamonds have taken over 3 billion years to form, so the diamond on your finger will last another 3 billion years if treated properly. A diamond guarantee is nothing more than letting you know that diamonds will last for lifetimes to come.

The best guarantee that you can provide for your diamond is to insure your piece of jewellery with a current valuation.  Your real risk is losing the diamond through a hard knock to the ring, or losing the ring entirely.  We can guarantee that your diamond will last billions more years, but your insurance company should guarantee you against loss.

Some companies in the US offer a lifetime upgrade, where you can exchange your old diamond for a new one and pay the difference. Global Diamonds does not like this offer for two reasons:

  1.  If you buy a new diamond ring from a company who offers this service, there is a good chance that the diamond you have just purchased from such a company is a second hand diamond from another clients upgrade.
  2. If the price of diamonds should ever fall drastically in the future, companies who make this offer will not be able to satisfy their guarantee.  Such an upgrade guarantee could effectively cripple the company you have purchased from.

Global Diamonds will be around for many generations, so we do not partake in such risky practices.


Most of our diamonds are either certed by Gemlab in New Zealand or from the GIA offshore. 

It should be noted that certifications are only a guideline to choosing your diamond and due to their subjective nature and limited information, you should never select a diamond just from a certificate.

A diamond certificate is a worthy piece of documentation to describe your diamond but should never be used to compare apples with apples. They simply do not have enough information on them. If you would like more clarification on this subject matter, please feel free to contact us.

Gift Packaging

All Global Diamonds jewellery comes packed in jewellery boxes with the Global Diamonds heart logo printed inside. 

This lets the recipient know they have received a quality piece of jewellery from a highly reputable company. It's also nice to show off that you have a Global Diamonds piece of jewellery.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Global Diamonds purchases from companies who are registered with and comply with the Kimberley Process. 

The Kimberley process is the initiative undertaken to help eliminate the sale of diamonds for Arms. Global Diamonds takes a proactive approach to understanding the process and as a company we comply with all forms of social responsibility even beyond the Kimberley process.

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