The Only Proposal Guide You Will Ever Need to Read


For the most part, men understand how to propose to a woman. It’s a simple process. You purchase an engagement ring, find the perfect spot, and ask for her hand in marriage. Many women are looking to be surprised with so much more, though. While a proposal doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or over-the-top, you should put your own unique spin on it. Keep in mind, “How did he ask you?” will be a question she’ll be answering for years.


How to Propose: The Essential Guide

Proposing to the woman of your dreams can play on your nerves; even if you’re confident she’ll say yes. Planning each step of the proposal is a fantastic way to shake off some of those nerves and prepare for one of the most memorable nights of your life. Here is an essential guide to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring and plan the perfect proposal.

  • Don’t Tell Your Friends- A proposal is almost always a surprise, so keep it that way. This will make it much less likely that someone will accidentally let your secret slip. You may want to discuss your intentions with her parents, but telling your friends can be a mistake.
  • Purchasing the Ring- Engagement rings come in various shapes and styles. Choose a diamond and setting that fits her style. If you need help, consult her mother or her best friend, as long as they are able to keep it a secret.
  • Hollywood It- Does she have a favourite movie? Many women are hopeless romantics and take cues from the movies they watch. If you can, find out what her favourite romantic movie is and take notes from it. This may sound like incredibly sappy advice, but take our word for it, she will be overjoyed.
  • Personalize It- Think about intimate secrets, jokes, or places you’ve shared together. Is there a particular park bench where you first met? Did you two use to play on a certain playground when you were children? Was your first date at the ice skating rink? Taking her back in time to the moment you first met can be an incredible place to propose.
  • Pay Attention to the Details- Once you decide how you are going to propose, make sure to pay attention to those little details that can take your proposal from ordinary to extraordinary. Recreate moments from your first date, first kiss, or even the first day you moved in together.
  • Capture It- Want to preserve the proposal for a lifetime? Make sure to record it. Have a friend, preferably someone she isn’t familiar with, record the event from a distance or set up a video recorder yourself.

With a little imagination and this helpful guide, you can select the perfect engagement ring, plan the perfect proposal, and confidently ask her to be yours forever.

How did you propose to the love of your life? We’d love to hear your story.

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