Cast vs Handmade jewellery

In this topic, we refer to handmade jewellery as jewellery that has been started from a block of metal and formed into a piece of jewellery by hand.  Some jewellers like to refer to hand finished jewellery as being handmade.  Hand finished is where the jewellery has been made by some other process other than by hand, and is then finished off by hand to some description.

Cast jewellery is just as it is titled.  Moulds are made of the jewellery style and then gold is poured into these moulds to form the jewellery.  These castings are then usually cleaned up and polished by hand.

So what is the difference.  Cast jewellery is effective for mass production and is generally the way your typical chain store operates.  The upside is that the process reduces the labour cost and therefore the final price.  The downside is typically one of quality, or durability.

Handmade jewellery is more labour intensive and therefore more expensive.  However the biggest upside is that the gold or platinum has been work hardened and the jewellery will last longer as a result.  You cant compare the price of a handmade to a cast piece of jewellery.  The extra price in a handmake is easily made up for by the quality of the ring and the longevity of the jewellery.




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